About Me

Who is Enna Isilee?

I am a young woman (of unmentioned age) living in the more westerly part of the United States. I'm a book reviewer that reviews (mostly) YA fiction, with a bit of adult and children's thrown in. I have been obsessed with reading since I spelled my first word (R-O-O-M) and talking since I spoke my first word (Sassy!).

I love mathematics, and am currently pursuing a degree in Mathematics Education, and minor in Theatre Education. What? That has nothing to do with reading or writing! While my future education goals do not include anything really English-y, I do write for pleasure, and consider book reviewing both an educational experience, and a part-time job(a fantastic one).

My pseudonym "Enna Isilee" comes from Shannon Hale's novel Enna Burning. I have a very complicated and crazy reason for choosing this name. You're welcome to ask what it is, but I hope you have some time. "Enna Isilee" is technically one name, but I also respond to Enna, Eni, Ennalee, and more.

I started this blog in order to share my views on life and literature with the world. I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you,

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