In which I officially announce my retirement... because I'm beginning my career

Okay, this shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. It's not coming as a shock to me. I've been in semi-denial for the last year, thinking that I was just going through a blogging slump. But the truth is, it's not a slump. I'm done. And it's a good kind of done. I accomplished all the goals I wanted in blogging. I made new friends, new connections, and read a lot of great books.


I am going to continue to review books, however it will exclusively be on GoodReads and Amazon now. I haven't been writing reviews either of those places recently because I've been thinking "Oh. I should review those on my blog." And that's silly. Because I don't end up doing EITHER.

I'm currently going through a culling of my GoodReads friends; so if I don't recognize your name you're probably gonna be gone soon. If you'd still like to see my reviews, I'd recommend "following" me on GoodReads instead of "friending." (The event invitations and book recommendations are just becoming too much!)

I thought I would be really sad when my blogging finally came to an end, but like I said: I've gotten everything I wanted out of blogging. My life is in a really great spot right now. Many people quit blogging because they are crazy busy, and I guess I'm busy, but I'm busy with stuff that I LOVE. Two weeks from today I start my first day teaching high school, something I've wanted for over ten years. I'm preparing to enter a world-wide cosplay competition. And I'm surrounded by great friends.

Life is good, friends. Life is good.

So even though I won't be on blogger anymore (except maybe sporadically? I dunno). I will still be on Twitter and GoodReads. So I hope we can stay in touch. Maybe I'll even share my FaceBook cosplay page with y'all some day. If I'm feeling brave. ;)

Keep reading, my friends! You're the best!

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