TV Tuesday: Austenland!

Today's TV Tuesday is going to be short, but oh-so-sweet. Because GUESS WHAT?! Austenland is finally out on DVD! So if you weren't able to see it in theatres, now is your chance! Click here to check it out on Amazon. They've also been running some fun contests on Facebook!

I really enjoyed this movie. Was it different from the book? Yes. Quite a lot. But I think the changes made were necessarily for the translation from page to screen. And honestly? I thought the changes were WONDERFUL because it meant that some things in the movie were still a surprise to me! it was like getting a whole new Austenland that was just as good as the original!

And the CAST! Oh man. Do not get me started on the cast. Everyone was brilliant! I really don't think I could have come up with a single person who could have done a better job.

So in a nutshell: BUY THE MOVIE!!!


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