Year in Review: 2013

Ugh. This was probably my worst year of blogging EVER. So... these stats are pretty sad, but I always post a year in review so... not gonna stop now!

EDIT: This should have gone up at 11:59pm on 12/31/12. Dunno why it didn't.

Here is my year-end statistics post:

As of 11:59pm on 12/31/13

Followers: 1,718 (Up 4 from last year, but kind of obsolete now that Reader is gone.)
Newsletter Subscribers Gained: 2
Twitter Followers: 1,175 (DOWN 44 from last year. ouch.)
2013 Blog Posts: 65 (DOUBLE ouch! Total 1163)
Books Read: 46 (*hangs head in shame*)
Average Time Taken per book: 8 days
Pages Read: 15,850 (Approx. 345 pages per book)

Books Reviewed: 26
2013 Squeaky Books: 6 (Total 72)
2013 Semi-Squeaky Books: 2 (Total 41)

See you tomorrow for a look at how I did on my 2013 goals, and some 2014 goals!

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