My Holiday Plans!

I apologize for saying I was coming back and then disappearing for over two weeks. I was hit by the flu, which then turned into bronchitis, and weakened my immune system enough to allow the stomach flu to join the party as well. And after THAT funtimes was done, it was time for finals week!

BUT, the good news is that finals is OVER and this is the first time I've had a job that is totally closed over the holidays (yay for working for the public school system!) which means I have TWO WEEKS of no school and no work. And I'm gonna use them well!

Aside from the obvious spending time with family, here are my plans:

First, I've got to read 7 more books to reach my goal. If I count all the manga I've read I've already surpassed my goal, but I'm not going to count those unless I have to. Here are the 5 books I'm planning on reading right now, and hopefully I'll get more for Christmas!

Plus OneHereafterThe Winner's CurseEver After High: The Storybook of LegendsAcross a Star-Swept Sea

I'm also planning on doing a lot of sewing this holiday! Are y'all interested in seeing any of my costume stuff? It's usually not book related (though I am planning on starting on an Ever After High costume after I finish the book). Let me know! But regardless, here's what I'm working on this break:

Not a costume, just for fun, I'm planning on making this dress as a Christmas present for myself.

That dress is my first priority, since I'd like to wear it the Sunday after Christmas. But after that, it's time for a NEW COSTUME!

I am SO TIRED of all of my costumes being so cold! I really got into costuming in the summer, and nearly all of my costumes are perfect for summer weather and MISERABLE right now. Therefore I decided I needed a winter costume. And then I realized that my favorite anime character of all time lives in an arctic climate. Perfect!

Thus, I present my next costume:

Olivier Mira Armstrong!

If you don't know who this is, that's okay. But she is the best character from the best anime in the whole entire world. AND she wears like 3 layers! Over the break I'll be patterning the uniform and creating a mockup. I'll probably have to do this more than once (patterning is HARD!) but I want to get round 1 done over the break.

On top of all of this I plan on FINALLY finishing Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, and casually watching Naruto Shippuden (my roommate really wants me to watch that show).

And of course I'll be reviewing awesome books and posting about awesome bookish stuff.

So? What do you think? Am I being to ambitious? What are YOUR plans for the holiday?

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  1. I need to do catch up too to finish my reading goal. I need six more books and I think I am cheating and reading The Boxcar Children series because they are really short.

  2. Olivier Mira Armstrong is awesome, as is FMA:B in general. Strong female characters ftw.

    That dress is really pretty, btw.

    I'll be studying math over the holiday. Which isn't actually a depressing though because math is cool. And reading a lot, since I'd like to break 300 books for 2013, which means reading another 22 books or's not impossible. Writing a bit if I find the time (I won't).

    Best of luck! (And pictures of your costuming efforts please!)

    1. Anilee, you CRAZY! 300 books?! You're like... a rockstar.

      I'd like to share pictures of my costuming adventures; but that would require showing my face on the blog, albeit a heavily modified, wig-wearing face

    2. Yeah...I'm currently at 280, although I am counting rereads...I'm finished with school and only work part-time, so...

      I did mean photos of the process and finished product, not necessarily you cosplaying, since I know how you are about maintaining your secret identity. ;-) Right now, I'm totally digging costuming stuff and wish I could sew better than I can.

  3. Happy holidays and reading! The Winner's Curse looks soooo good. Olivier is a total bamf!! :)

  4. This made me smile so much :)


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