Why being a nerd is awesome

I've always been afraid to reveal to people how nerdy I really am. Because most of the time people think I'm "normal" and are surprised when I reveal to them how weird I am. I like that. If I do it the other way, they usually assume I'm going to be socially awkward/introverted.

HOWEVER, I've gotten kind of tired of hiding who I am and what I like. So today I took a leap of faith:

Today one of my classes was doing "introductions" as the professor took role. People were being SOOOO boring. So I decided to play a little game with them. When it got to me, I challenged the class by saying "Hi, my name is Enna and I consider myself a multigenre supernerd. If there's something nerdy, whether socially acceptable or not, I'm probably into it. I challenge you to find something I'm not into."

And then this happened:

Professor: Did you go to [Salt Lake] Comic Con?
Me: I had a VIP pass.
Professor: Naruto?
Me: Temari is my favorite character.
Girl #1: You watch anime?
Me: I'm a huge otaku
Boy #1: Doctor who?
Me: Oh yeah. River Song is my hero. I suppose I should also now mention that I'm a Sherlockian as well as a Whovian. I've also been a book reviewer for the big six publishers, I'm a HUGE video gamer, and I do my own graphic design and HTML.

At this point the professor really started to get into it.

Professor: All right y'all. She has thrown down the gauntlet! Who can top her?
Me: I will awkward you all out of here.
Boy #2: I've got one. When I was in 7th grade I won a national pokemon card tournament.
Class oohs and ahhs.
Professor: Do you still play?
Boy #2: Nah. I don't have my deck anymore
Me: I have seven decks. Come on over and we'll play some time.

Then the professor decided he should probably continue with class.

I didn't even get to mention cosplay...

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And random interjection: I recently got the opportunity to read Dangerous by Shannon Hale. Should I review that ASAP or closer to the release date?


  1. If you review closer to the release date, I'll like you better.

  2. Good for you!!!! That sounds like fun.

  3. LOL this is the best ever!! So glad you let your nerd flag fly -- and even more glad that others joined you. :) Nerds are taking over, and that's a good thing.

  4. NICE!! However, I hate Naruto!! The hand gestures are ridiculous! Now when you say you have 7 Pokemon decks, is that complete decks? HOW THE HECK DID YOU GET 7 Charizards!?!?

  5. Love this-way to throw down the gauntlet!

  6. #1-Awesome. You are my nerd hero

  7. I super love this post. <3 <3 Also, it doesn't matter to me when you review it because I will not read your review until after I've read it. :) You don't happen to want to mail it to me, do you? swear I would mail it right back when I was done...

  8. nerd pride! i need some more of this :)


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