Why being a nerd is awesome

I've always been afraid to reveal to people how nerdy I really am. Because most of the time people think I'm "normal" and are surprised when I reveal to them how weird I am. I like that. If I do it the other way, they usually assume I'm going to be socially awkward/introverted.

HOWEVER, I've gotten kind of tired of hiding who I am and what I like. So today I took a leap of faith:

Today one of my classes was doing "introductions" as the professor took role. People were being SOOOO boring. So I decided to play a little game with them. When it got to me, I challenged the class by saying "Hi, my name is Enna and I consider myself a multigenre supernerd. If there's something nerdy, whether socially acceptable or not, I'm probably into it. I challenge you to find something I'm not into."

And then this happened:

Professor: Did you go to [Salt Lake] Comic Con?
Me: I had a VIP pass.
Professor: Naruto?
Me: Temari is my favorite character.
Girl #1: You watch anime?
Me: I'm a huge otaku
Boy #1: Doctor who?
Me: Oh yeah. River Song is my hero. I suppose I should also now mention that I'm a Sherlockian as well as a Whovian. I've also been a book reviewer for the big six publishers, I'm a HUGE video gamer, and I do my own graphic design and HTML.

At this point the professor really started to get into it.

Professor: All right y'all. She has thrown down the gauntlet! Who can top her?
Me: I will awkward you all out of here.
Boy #2: I've got one. When I was in 7th grade I won a national pokemon card tournament.
Class oohs and ahhs.
Professor: Do you still play?
Boy #2: Nah. I don't have my deck anymore
Me: I have seven decks. Come on over and we'll play some time.

Then the professor decided he should probably continue with class.

I didn't even get to mention cosplay...

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And random interjection: I recently got the opportunity to read Dangerous by Shannon Hale. Should I review that ASAP or closer to the release date?
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