Squeaky Books is Hibernating

Okay. I've thought long and hard about this post. I'm going to start by saying that Squeaky Books is NOT going away. Maybe it should, but I can't let it. I love it too much. It's been a part of my life for 6 years, and I can't imagine being without it.

HOWEVER, it has been causing me a lot of stress lately. I can't tell you how guilty I feel about not posting. I can't go on this way! I have legitimate reasons for not posting! To name a few: I'm entering my last year of college, I just quit my job of 4 years and I'm starting work in the school district of my dreams next week.

As such, I just don't have the drive/time to post as much as I do. Honestly, for the last 6 months or so I've felt really isolated in the book blogging community. I think part of that is self-imposed because of my busy-ness, and some of it has to do with google reader going away, and I feel like I haven't met any IRL bloggers in a long time. But the bottom line is, right now my blog is a lonely place. I need some time to remember why I love it here. Because I DO love it here... usually.

And so Squeaky Books is going to Hibernate. What exactly does that mean? Well, you know how when you hibernate your computer, it's like shutting it down but it's a lot easier to turn back on? That's what I'm doing. I'm going to release myself from the guilt of posting all the time, but I WILL STILL POST. Just when the mood strikes me. For example, I already know I will be doing a week-long birthday celebration. And I've got some tours in the mix. But I HAVE to stop feeling guilty about not posting regularly.

The goal of "hibernating" as opposed to shutting down, is that I do hope to be back to full force some time in the future. When my life gets back into a rhythm. When I remember why I love blogging. For whatever reason. I want to come back. Here's hoping it happens soon.

Much love!

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P.S. I remember when I was a newer-ish blogger (from about years 1-5) I would read posts like these and think "that's never gonna be me." Just shows you that life catches up with everyone. *weep*


  1. Oh, I know the feeling. I just came back after a hibernation that basically lasted over a year... and a half! ;) I never thought it'd be me either, but life just became too much to handle it all, so I had to take a step back and come back with a different perspective. Not put so much pressure on myself and do what I originally wanted to do: share my love of the books I read. Good luck and I hope you enjoy your hibernation and find your own terms that make it comfortable for you to blog! :)

    Liza @ Book Crook Liza

  2. Come to our blogger party in Sept. and re-connect with all your IRL blogging buddies! Yes?

  3. Yeah I totally get that ...its okay to hibernate :)

  4. We completely understand, and we hope that hibernation brings you back to a place of joy and peace with your blogging. :) Oh, and congrats and good luck with all the real life goings-on! Sounds very exciting. :)

    If you need a good alternative to Google Reader, we highly suggest Digg Reader.

  5. Same this is me currently. It got so bad I started making review lits (or mini paragraph reviews) for movies and such I couldn't use my normal template for. I'm still hibernating and might for quite a while I'm not done with blogging not at all but finding a good book is getting harder, life is telling me one thing when I want to hold on to another

    I too hope to come back in full force as soon as I can. in the meantime you enjoy your hibenation and don't feel to bad about it

  6. I just got back from my "hibernation" and I was so grateful for that break where I could just stop worrying about blogging for a little bit. Your life sounds pretty crazy right now, so we more than understand. I just hope you aren't gone for too long, because you're such an amazing blogger!

  7. Congrats on your new job in the place you wanted :) Nothing better than that. Hope you come back soon. I will still be here no matter when it is. And no guilt! I had that for the longest time, too, but life comes first. Enjoy your last year of school!!


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