Harry Potter World!

Today I depart on a journey that will change my life. 

That's right. 

I'm going to Harry Potter World. 

I have no idea what to expect or what to do! I won't actually get there until Sunday, but I'm hoping some of you might have advice or recommendations on what to focus on when I do get there. Please, guide me! What are your favorite parts?


  1. Oh my goodness it's so amazing!! Get to the big ride at the castle as soon as possible because the line gets long, but make sure you go through the main line (not the single rider) the first time because it's awesome! There are lines for the shops too sometimes, like for Olivander's where they do the wand show inside that you have to see. Definitely try the Butterbeer (I LOVE the frozen kind) and the pumpkin juice. I spent so much money there the two times I went but its worth it!

  2. Yes, I agree with Nicole. Make sure you go to the castle and go on The Forbidden Journey. It is EPIC!!! You can read my recap of my trip if you want to get an idea of the wonderfulness you'll find on your trip (http://www.readergirlsblog.com/2011/02/why-we-were-away.html) Have a great time!

  3. Omg omg omg! So lucky! We are all dying to go to Harry Potter world. Make sure you try butterbeer for us!

  4. You can go into the castle without waiting in line for the ride, and just wandering through the castle is better than the ride. Olivander's is awesome too, don't miss it.

  5. Explore the castle! Do The Forbidden Journey! Do both! Try butterbeer (frozen is better than none, IMO). I never got around to trying pumpkin juice, so do that for me. Ollivander's was cool. Try to catch the little performances outside, like the toad choir or the Beaubaton girls. You'll have so much fun! And probably spend a lot of money. Totally worth it.

  6. I hope you have fun! I can't wait to go there, but have to wait until my kids are a bit older. :-)


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