Holy Frack Attack, Batman! New Shannon Hale!

I was going to post a review today, but this is SOOOOO much more important! NEW SHANNON HALE!!! NEW SHANNON HALE!!! Coming April 2014! Stare in awe at the cover, then CLICK HERE to read what Shannon has to say about it!

EDIT: There's also a giveaway! Again, click that link to learn more!

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  1. That was definitely the most exciting thing that happened yesterday. I have already entered the contest.

  2. I was at an event earlier in May and Shannon Hale was there and she mentioned that she has 6 new books coming out in the next 2 years! Which is crazy and I immediately thought- I wonder if Enna knows?! So... I'm telling you :)

    1. Oh yes. I knew/know. I've been practically wetting my pants ever since I found out.


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