Are you missing a prize?!

I am disclaimer-ing this post by saying that I HATE APRIL FOOL'S DAY. I hate that it's just a day that gives permission to lie. It's the gullible person (AKA me) nightmare.


Do I still owe you a prize? Someone contacted me on twitter that their prize that I THOUGHT had shipped in February still hadn't arrived. Turns out that a lot of important e-mails (like the fact that I hadn't filled out my information on that order correctly) have been going to my old Yahoo account, which I don't check anymore. It doesn't help that this has been the craziest semester EVER. But there's only 3 weeks left of school!!

If I owe you a prize PLEASE contact me!! The CORRECT e-mail address is I will do all I can to get your book(s) to you ASAP.

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