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I'm so pleased to be participating in the Fox Forever blog tour! I have been a fan of these books since the very beginning. I have reviewed the first book not once, but twice. The Adoration of Jenna Fox was one of the first ARCs (if not THE first) that I ever received from a publisher. I even have it in French!

Today Mary is here to talk about a passage from Fox Forever. Although this will not be spoilery for Fox Forever, and not explicity spoilery for the first two books, just know that some things will be revealed here that might change how you see the first two books if you haven't read them yet. You've been warned!

With that said, here's Mary!

This passage is from Page 58.
Locke has just arrived at a dance—his first in this new future world but he has to keep his true origins a secret:

“Hi. I’m Locke Jenkins. New to Boston— and all of this.”

Raine doesn’t respond. She just looks down at the torn knees of my pants and then away.

The blond girl next to her smiles. “I heard there was a new guy in the Collective. We rarely get new blood. I’m Vina.”

She holds out her hand, the backside of it up, like I’m supposed to kiss it. I’m caught off guard. I missed this lesson on social graces, but since I don’t know what else to do I take her hand in mine and lightly kiss it. “A pleasure, Vina.”

The group’s eyes widen and I know I’ve missed the mark, but Vina giggles and seems pleased.

“And you are?” I say to Raine.

“Bored,” she replies. She begins to look away again but I don’t give her a chance to disengage.

“Not having fun?”

She’s a piece of work. She blinks her eyes at glacial speed. “This is a requirement of the Collective. Do I look like I’m having fun?”

“Dance?” I grab her hand and pull.

She doesn’t budge, but there’s a brief moment of surprise on her face. It’s a relief to see any expression there at all, but just as quickly she gives me a very firm and deadly, “No,” and shakes my hand loose.

From behind her shoulder I see a large Bot rapidly approaching us. He’s taller than me and his skin is rigid metallic gold. Even his eyes are gold and he has no pupils at all. He looks like he’s been extruded from one solid chunk of metal. He steps around her and grabs me by the throat, lifting me off the ground so we’re eye to eye. “Never lay a hand on the Secretary's daughter unless you would like your hand permanently removed. Do you comprehend?"

Mary: Social situations can be so awkward! Ha! That's a bit of an understatement I guess, but I think we’ve all been there done that—like being at some fancy schmancy dinner with 500 forks and trying to figure out which one to use!

But Locke’s situation is even worse. It’s 260 years in the future and it’s his first time at a real social gathering. He has to wing it! Not only wing it but not make the others suspicious about who he really is. When he makes gaffs he has to roll right past them and improvise. Of course, some gaffs incur the wrath of big gold Bots, and have bigger consequences like losing a hand. Suffice it to say, Locke made it through the dance with his hand intact, but just barely!

Besides exploring the technological advances in the future world of Fox Forever, I had a lot of fun thinking about how our social world might change. But some things—like Vina flirting with Locke—are timeless.

Thanks for hosting this leg of the tour, Enna!

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  1. I want to read these books more than I want to teach elementary students about the difference between primary and secondary sources (actually I have a cool project for that, but I really do want to read Fox Forever, loved the first two books.)

  2. I want to read these books more than a bowl of ice cream with caramel sauce.

    I've loved the series since book 1 came out.

  3. I want to read this more than the stars have numbers, more than the grass has blades...even more than I love bad poetry.

    I first read Jenna Fox in a Youth Literature class at my university. For me, it never felt like "youth" literature--just plain awesome literature. I cannot wait to read Fox Forever!

  4. I want to read Fox Forever more than the workshop pieces I need to read right now... :P

  5. I want to read these books more than I want brownies topped with chocolate chip ice cream:)

    Thank you:)

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  8. I want to read these books more than I want a peanut buster parfait from Dairy Queen.

  9. Ha! You're all making me hungry!

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  11. I just got really hungry too! lol - I want to read these books more than.... a Brownie Ice Cream Sundae! (my fave!)

  12. Oh, so many about food! I can't resist...I want to read these books more than I want a dozen donuts.

  13. I want to read these books more than eating chocolate while watching Pride and Prejudice. :D

  14. I want to read this more than vanilla cherry ice cream :)

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  16. I want to read these books more than everyone that commented on here! lol Seriously I CANNOT wait to read this series!!! I'm so excited about this giveaway tour/hop! Thank you so much for having this giveaway on your beautiful blog!!

  17. I want to read this more than I want to eat lunch!
    Pabkins @ My Shelf Confessions

  18. I want to read these more than a Dairy Queen frozen hot chocolate! I love this series!

  19. As my family always says... Peanut Butter!


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