Thoughts on Doctor Who Posters

What? Reviews? Am I supposed to write those? Phht. Sorry guys. My play ends in exactly one week. Starting March 1st I am free as a bird! It's been fun, but way too time-consuming.

Anyway, to stop myself from going completely insane (and because who needs sleep, right?) I've been spending my free time looking up some River Song stuff. I wanted some posters that I could hang in my new room. But I was sorely disappointed with all the River Song posters I found. Solution? MAKE MY OWN!

Here are the two I've made so far. I hope to make a series of these from both Doctor Who, Sherlock, etc. and then sell them on Etsy.

I'd really like to know your opinions! I love the River one, I'm less confident in the Doctor one. These two are meant to be in a set, which is why all of the doctor quotes are about River. I'll probably make different versions of the Doctor that fit with other characters. And one that just his greatest hits.

River's Poster. Click to embiggen. Original image by Gosselin
This is the one I made where I actually own the image. It'll probably be the one I end up selling if I can't get copyright permission.

The Doctor's poster. Click to embiggen.
What they look like together (after being framed). Click to embiggen.
If you would share your opinions, I would be most grateful. And if you would be interested in being a proof reader for my future posters, let me know!

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  1. You were already uber cool, Enna. Now you are absolutely fabulous in my book. I had no idea you loved Doctor Who! The posters look awesome! I haven't looked closely at the text yet though, in a proof-read-y way. I just wanted to say aaaawesooome at you.

  2. I think they look super cool! If you have one of Rose (since you know she's my favorite companion) I would totally buy one!

    1. I eventually intend to make one for every companion and doctor. :D

  3. Very nice! A bit of feedback: I think it'd be great if you could add the lines for the fingers on the Dr. Who one. Otherwise I like them a lot!

  4. Oh wow, you MADE these?! So cool! They're fab, truly.

  5. They really are very awesome.


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