Best of 2012 Contest!

2012 is almost over, so let's take a look forward so you can win some of the best books of 2012!

As y'all saw, I posted the Squeakers' Best of 2012 list on Monday. Well do you want to win some of those books? Do ya? Do ya?! Well, now you can!

This contest is going to focus on some of the 2013 releases I'm most excited about. As is tradition, it's a GUESS THE COVER contest! I tried to make them as hard as I could, so brace yourselves! Some of these I've talked about on Squeaky Books. Some I haven't. Some are easier then others. Some I'm hoping are so hard that NO ONE will guess them. Muahahaha! I'm so evil(even though I've never succeeded)

  • Below are cover snippets of 16 different YA 2013 releases
  • The more you guess correctly, the more entries you get!
  • Fill out the form to enter
  • You must name at least ONE cover correctly in order to be entered
  • Winner(s) will be randomly chosen
  • Winner(s) will get to choose their prize(s) from the Squeakers' Best of 2012 list
  • One winner will be selected randomly
  • The first person to get all 16 correct WITHIN 24 HOURS will also win
  • INTERNATIONAL (To anywhere TBD ships) 
  • You must be 13 years old or older
  • Ends 12-31-12 9:59pm MST
  • Winner announced 1-2-13
I no longer require people to be followers to enter my contests, but there is a question about how/if you follow. Don't stress about your answer. I'm just curious.

I think that covers(ha!) everything. Ready to see the covers? Remember, these are all 2013 releases:

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  1. Thanks for the fantastic challenge! It was extremely fun to put my cover obsession to good use ahaha. xD

    1,2 and 5 were the hardest!

  2. I give up. Number 5 was too hard for me :)

  3. Dying to know what 2 and 5 are! Thanks for the challenge!


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