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NOTE: These read-along posts WILL contain spoilers for anyone who hasn't read Matched & Crossed!

It's week #2 in the read-along! By now you should have FINISHED Crossed. Participate in the discussion here and at Benji's blog to be entered to win one of the Breathless Reads prize packs! Remember, only if you signed up before today can you participate!

Today's discussion question:

Crossed FINALQuestion:
Now you've read Matched and Crossed. The thing everyone is dying to know is: Team Xander, or Team Ky? Benji already asked who you WANTED her to end up with, so now I want to know:
Who do you think she will ACTUALLY end up with?

Answer that question in the comments, fill out the rafflecopter, and you'll be entered to win!

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  1. Ky. For me it's always been Ky, no doubt about it.

  2. I've been Team Xander since the beginning and after reading Crossed I'm still Team Xander! I just can't force myself to like Ky, even though he's Cassia's obvious choice (which annoys me to no end!). Even though it probably won't happen, I want her to end up with Xander.

  3. Ky. Why would you build up so much romance between two characters just to let it fall away?

  4. I want her to end up with Ky, so bad! But, I always pick the losers in love triangles(Except with Peeta, I loved him since his first intro...)so, I am terrified she's going to end up with Xander. It would be like the Maze Runner Trilogy all over again!!

  5. I am sort of team Xander I suppose. I am all for relationships working and for a relationship to work there has got to be trust and a certain knowing-the-person-well. Ky just didn't have that with Cassia at the end of Crossed. Plus Xander's such a nice boy!

  6. Team Xander!!!!!!! All the way. HE is the one that cassia has been looking for. He also was in the rising before ky and ky didn't even want to get in it in the first place, he just got in it for cassia and he even said it. Xander was in it for him and other ppl. Come on Xander and Cassia are best friends as well they know each other good.


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