Crossed Read-Along Week #2

NOTE: These read-along posts WILL contain spoilers for anyone who hasn't read Matched & Crossed!

It's week #2 in the read-along! By now you should have read to CHAPTER 35 in Crossed. Participate in the discussion here and at Benji's blog to be entered to win one of the Breathless Reads prize packs! Remember, only if you signed up before today can you participate!

Today's discussion question:

Crossed Week #2 Question:
Cassia is able to walk through the blue pill and Ky says that she is "stronger than even the society knows." do you think Cassia has something special about her? How was she able to walk through the effects of the pill? Was it just her love for Ky driving her on, or something more?

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  1. I think the society altered something with her to make her immune system stronger or something. They already confessed that they were monitoring her and changing things about her diet and stuff, so I wouldn't put it past them.

  2. Something more. The society may have made her stronger on purpose, or maybe someone else did. So much mystery still left in this series!

  3. Its something more because the official siad that she had put ky in the micro card that cassia had about xander. AS well as not having a effect to the red pill as well. So something is up because she might of gotten a "cure" or something like that.

  4. Cassia's immune system seems to be different, and I had already noted something like that because the red pills had no effect on her... maybe it was done on purpose by the Society, or maybe not... and I am dying to read Reached and maybe get those answers ^^

  5. Something is clearly different! The romantic notion is nice and all, but, yeah, no. I can't wait to read Reached!

  6. I don't think it's anything the society did to her ..but maybe a person who wanted change and knew about Cassia. To be honest ..I have no idea. Anything is possible but I doubt it's her love with Ky.

  7. I think that she's strong but I also think that the society had something to do with it too. That strength that Cassia has will lead to a rebellion.


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