Read-Along Week #4

NOTE: These read-along posts WILL contain spoilers for anyone who hasn't read Matched!

It's week #2 in the read-along! By now you should have FINISHED MATCHED. Participate in the discussion here and at Benji's blog to be entered to win one of the Breathless Reads prize packs! Remember, only if you signed up before today can you participate!

Today's discussion question:

Week #4 Question:
When Cassia finds out the Kai knew he would be Matched with her, she's upset. She thinks that he might have only started to look at her because the society told him to. She doesn't want to be a puppet of the society in love.
So, putting love aside, which choice would best/most clearly show that she is defying the society? Xander, or Ky? Why?

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  1. Well, when you really think about it, the computer part of the Society (which they heavily rely on) picked Ky as her original Match, so this way it seems like Xander would be the most rebellious choice. But at the same time she's being told she can have a "fling" with Ky and nothing more by the human part of the society, so then Ky would be the most rebellious choice. Personally I like Xander...

  2. Well, Ky was the "ideal" choice, but now she's not allowed to be with him. Xander is the one shes being told she has to love, but he wasn't their first choice. I think Ky would be the rebellious choice, because though they know he's "ideal" they don't want her with him. And seriously, Ky's the best! <3

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  4. Sorry Gina! Had to remove your comment because of the spoiler. Here's what Gina said that wasn't spoiler-y:

    "I think Ky for sure - considering his status in the Society, I don't think it matters who the computer chose - Ky isn't allowed to marry, period, so Cassia choosing him is easily the most rebellious choice. I'm still a little torn on who she should be with - leaning towards Ky, but they are both such good men!"

    We are not taking Crossed into account yet because we haven't yet reached that part in the book. ;)

  5. I think as long as Cassia chooses the person she truly loves, she's defying the society.

  6. Definitely Ky, because he's not eligible to be matched anyways.

  7. Fair carried away! :)

  8. I think Ky, since she's not supposed to be with him (:


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