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It's week #2 in the read-along! By now you should have finished up to Chapter 22. Participate in the discussion here and at Benji's blog to be entered to win one of the Breathless Reads prize packs! Remember, only if you signed up before today can you participate!

Today's discussion question:

Week #3 Question:
It's right at this point that Cassia starts debating what she wants in terms of the Society. She wrestles with the idea of being selfish by wishing that the society would go away, but afraid that would disrupt other people.
How do you feel about the society? Do you feel that it has good qualities or is it all bad? Is it possible to truly create a utopia?

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  1. I hate the society! They tell them what to eat, what to do, who to love. I could never live in a place where I had no nothing that was my own. I'm sure Cassia will wake up soon though :D

  2. Ihink there is one very good thing about the society; The way they monitor their food and exercise so all of the citizens stay healthy. It would be very helpful to have your food measured out for you so you don't over or under eat. But other than that, I can't think of anything else that really strikes me as good.

    I don't think a utopian is possible. It always seems like someone would disagree with what the society was doing, and they would plant the idea in others' heads. This then would lead to rebellion, which we all know goes over so well with the society :)

  3. I don't believe a Utopia (a perfect society) is possible, because there are no perfect people :)

  4. Sorry didn't mean to send that last comment yet, I wasn't done! No matter how good the sytems or policies of any society sound in theory, nothing will work out perfectly in real life because flawed human beings are the ones living in the society. And people have a tendency to make mistakes and mess things up! As for the Society in the Matched series, I guess the one good thing I can think of it that none of their citizens go hungry.But I wouldn't want to live in the Society, for sure!! I plan to live way beyond 80 :)

  5. It has it's good and bad at the same time. The good qualities that they have is that the people in the society could live without diseases and other things but the bad thing is that they don't let other people choose for themselves like their work, love, and other things. Their will never be such a thing until everone won't have a decier to rebel or dislike something. OR something else.

  6. Tough question! I think that the good that comes from the Society is far outweighed by the bad. Yes, they are all healthy. Nobody goes hungry (except when Cassia's Official decides to mess with her portions). But on the flip side, they get to plan your life, they eavesdrop in your home, they tell you where you can go and when, etc. There are those horrible pills you have to carry around. And then there's the classification system - a whole group of people that are thrown away because they are a threat or because they are somehow "less" than everyone else. I agree with what others have said - unless you have a group of perfect people, I don't think a utopia is possible. It would take a tremendous amount of selflessness, which is something I think most people struggle with to some degree, myself included.

  7. The Society, I think, does have some good thoughts about how to run a country, but I don't think that they have the best government out there. But you can't fit people into a cookie cutter mold and I think that's what the Society is trying to do.

  8. There are things that "look" good about the society: The monitored exercise and food, the perfect health, and the perfect relationships. But, those are things you should be free to control on your own. You can see the plus side when you think of children who die, abusive relationships, and the plethora of fatal, or might as well be fatal, illnesses. But is the giving up of basic human rights worth it?
    Oh, and simply because of human nature being what it is, a utopia would be impossible.


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