Reached Promotion! Challenge #4

Welcome citizens and traders. Your fourth challenge has just arrived from the Pilot. Please read, act, and then fill out the rafflecopter. Click here for Challenge #1Challenge #2, and Challenge #3.

Challenge #4
It is one thing to wake up from the Society’s dream of a “perfect” civilization, but it is another thing altogether to cross the boundary from your safe and sound world into new and dangerous territory. Follow and help Cassia through her journey into the Outer Provinces to reunite with Ky and ultimately discover herself. 
Drive as much traffic as possible to the Matched Facts Tumblr and the Crossed Facts campaign by reblogging, promoting the link and images on Facebook, etc. & get as many people as possible to embed the CROSSED trailer on their blogs, post about them on Facebook, etc.

There are three new options at the bottom of the rafflecopter! Enjoy!

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