Enna Answers Everything Blogging!

Here are all my answers to the questions I was asked about blogging. Enjoy!

Describe your perfect author event.
  • Oh. Probably one where I already know the author and there's plenty we can talk about. Along those same lines, I wouldn't want there to be a lot of people so I could talk to the author one-on-one without feeling guilty.
If Squeaky Books was somehow deleted from the internet, would you start a new blog and continue blogging? Would your new blog be the same as Squeaky Books? Or if not, what would be different about your new blog?
  • Oh jeez! Nightmare of nightmares! I really don't know. I suppose it would be really disheartening, but I like to think that I could indeed start over again. But yes, the new blog would be the same as the old. I really love the name of my blog, my design works for me, and so does my review format. There's not a lot I would change to my blog. There's some things I would change about my life to make my blog better (more reading time, etc.) but that's it.
Do your penguins (sidebar) have names?
  • Nope. They're just the pengins. I name too many things to name some pixels.
How much does your domain name cost a month (or however your plan is set out)?
  • My domain was a gift for my birthday a few years ago. I believe it costs $10 a year through Go Daddy. But I'm not sure.
Do you ever have a hard time writing a review after you've read a book? Like you don't know what to say? What do you do about it?
  • I always try to write my thoughts immediately after I finish the book. I don't write it in review format. I just write it. Then later I try to turn it into a review. If that doesn't work... that's when I write mini-reviews.
I'm newish to blogging and it's the technical side of it that is giving me trouble. Any suggestions for helping non-tech savvy bloggers figure out what the heck we're doing?!? :)
  • GOOGLE! That's my biggest advice. Whenever you can't figure out how to do something, Google the crap out of it. That's how I taught myself HTML and design, just googling. It isn't the fastest way to learn, but it's the most easily accessible. I'm also up for giving advice, go ahead and ask any time!
What is your favorite post to put together?
  • Even though they take forever, I usually have a lot of fun putting together my IMM vlogs. Aside from those, I love my discussion posts. I like having to have a dialogue with my readers.
What is your least favorite post to put together?
  • Hm... I don't know if I have a least favorite so much as I have posts that are quite difficult. Reviews are, naturally, hard sometimes. It takes a long time to gather the information for my upcoming releases posts. And my IMM vlog sometimes take a LONG time for only being 3-4 minutes long. But I still like doing all of those things, otherwise I wouldn't do them. :)
What is your favorite question to ask authors?
  • Hm, I don't usually have a single question that I ask authors. I try to tailor my questions specifically to the author. BUT, I do love asking authors who have theatre backgrounds how theatre has affected their writing. Is it hard for them to be an extroverted person in an introverted career? As a theatre person I just like to know these things.
If you could meet any author, whom would you pick?
  • Assuming that you mean an author I haven't yet met, my current answer is Laini Taylor. But that could change depending on my mood/what I read.
What was your happiest moment in blogging this year?
  • Oh... well, I have a short memory, so I'm going to say getting invited to be part of the Reached promotion. I love Ally so much!
What was your biggest disappointment in blogging this year?
  • My disappointment with blogging is almost always the same every year: blogger envy/hate. There's been a lot of envy and hate going around the blogosphere. It's really gotten me down. As a personal disappointment, I wish I had been able to read more this summer. I ended up working A LOT, and didn't read as much as I wanted. I don't think that I'll reach my goal.
Who designed your blog?
  • I did! I designed the HTML and 92% of the graphics. That extra 8% came from my old layout which I did NOT design. I cannot remember where I found that layout. I wish I could so I could give them credit!
Why did you decide to take on a guest reviewer?
  • I think it is very important to note that I did NOT decide to have River be a guest reviewer. I decided to have a guest reviewer because she was River. Does that make sense? I wasn't planning on taking on a guest reviewer. I didn't think I needed a guest reviewer. But I really loved River, and only a few weeks after I met her I invited her to be a guest reviewer 'cause I just think she's great! You'll be seeing more from her soon. We're gonna start doing dialogue-reviews!

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  1. You taught yourself html? That's awesome and it paid off. The blog looks great.

  2. "I decided to have a guest reviewer because she was River."

    Awww.... stop.... I'm blushing!
    BTW, we're overdo for another laser tag date.

  3. Thanks for the blogging advice! I am becoming a big fan of, as you said, Googling the crap out of things :) Can't wait to see the dialogue reviews with River.

  4. Fun insight into one of our favorite blogs/bloggers. ;)


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