Crossed Read-Along Week #1

NOTE: These read-along posts WILL contain spoilers for anyone who hasn't read Matched & Crossed!

It's week #2 in the read-along! By now you should have read to CHAPTER 14 in Crossed. Participate in the discussion here and at Benji's blog to be entered to win one of the Breathless Reads prize packs! Remember, only if you signed up before today can you participate!

Today's discussion question:

Crossed Week #1 Question:
Now that we've been introduced to citizens, abberations, and told a bit about anomalies, which do you think you would be if you lived in the society? Would you be perfect enough to be a citizen? Just defiant enough to be an abberation, or full on rejected as an anomaly?

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  1. Probably an abberation. I'm too lazy to be a citizen and getting told everything I'm allowed to do would get old real fast.

  2. There is no way I would be a citizen. I'm not very good at following rules that I don't like.

  3. Hm, this is probably kind of deep thinking, but if I was the person I am at this moment and were placed in the Society, I would probably be an Abberation. But I was thinking about what if I had grown up in the society and that was the life I knew. I'm afraid I'd probably be a citizen in that case. In that way, I think I would be more like Cassia. Where she had to have someone show her the problems in her world.

  4. If I was born a citizen I would probably have stayed one, the fear of being set apart and denied basic rights is a very powerful thing.

  5. I think ..if I lived in Cassia's world. I would be perfect enough to be a citizen. I mean sure I would notice the wrong and flaws in the society but remember in Matched when they all swallowed that red pill? Some people remembered like Xander did ..they know the flaws but they choose not to act of it because of not knowing what's out there. I'd rather be there in the society's tight-nip world and cause no trouble.

  6. I would be a citizen but then I don't want to be told how to live my life, it only goes to a certain point that I actually want it. But if i was a citizen I would see the flaws in there and maybe cause problems. SO I guess I would be a citizen.

  7. I would be a citizen in constant fear of becoming an abberition if the government instantly decided I wasn't following their rules well enough or if they thought I was too defiant.


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