Utah Book Month! Review a Utah Book!

It's the official start of Utah Book Month! In case it isn't obvious from the title, it's a month-long celebration of all things bookish in Utah! If you want more details, you should go to the official website by clicking here!

As for me, I get to host an AWESOME mini challenge. I'm going to encourage you to read and review books by Utah authors! Here's how it works:

You review a book by a Utah author IN AUGUST (it can't be a review you've already done) and link to it using the Mister Linky below. Your links should look like this:


I will randomly select someone from the list to be entered to win any one of Shannon Hale's books, but above and beyond that for every book you review you get an extra entry into the grand giveaway! This is a huge giveaway sponsored by a bunch of publishers. It's all kinds of awesome. Click here for info on the grand giveaway.

And here's the mister linky! Go forth and review!

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  1. I'm do excited about all I'd the festivities this month! I have a kajillion Utah books on my list.

  2. Make that *so excited. Ha! I'm so excited I can't type!

  3. And I'm the second. I love this it's so much fun. Wish I had the whole month of August off I guess I'll have to be happy with the two weeks and hurry to enter all contests!

  4. #3! I reviewed Palace of Stone!

  5. Sweet challenge, Enna! I'll add my reviews as soon as they're posted. ;)

  6. I love this challenge! I hope I get a lot more reviews up this month :) Also, Book of a Thousand Days was awesome.


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