Birthday Bash Schedule is Live!

Hey y'all!!

Life is super-busy right now (though it'll slow WAY down after this week. Wahoo!). So I don't have much time to post. HOWEVER, I am at work getting the birthday bash ready to go. It's gonna be FREAKING awesome. There are 16 authors participating, and 17 giveaways! That's almost a giveaway every day!

And if you'd like a sneak peek on what's coming, check out THE SCHEDULE. Naturally, the "TBA"s and "Giveaway #x"s will be filled in each day as the birthday bash progresses. But for now, you'll just have to sit in suspense! But if you want to get a head start, you might want to check out the host blogs and maybe follow them through GFC and/or twitter. It might be helpful... ;)

Who's excited?! ME!

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