Audio Review: The Books of Bayern

Author: Shannon Hale
Narrator: Full Cast
Genre: Fantasy
Producer: Full Cast Audio
Books in Series: Listened to the first 3
Story Rating:
Audio Rating:

Story Review: Do I really need to write anything here? These books are amazing, fantastic, phenomenal. And you need to read them RIGHT NOW.

Audio Review: These books were my first experience with a full cast audio production, and I'm happy to say that I'm very pleased! I do wish that the narrators had stayed consistent between the books (I especially wish that Isi didn't have a lisp in Enna Burning) but on the whole I think the narrators are awesome. And I think the real "narrator" (the one who reads everything non-dialogue) is all kinds of awesome. Cynthia Bishop, let's be friends.

My only complaint (aside from that lisp) is that I think there is an overabundance of music. Between each chapter/passage of time is just too much for me.

If you haven't listened to a full cast production before, I strongly recommend that you start with these. They're great.

If you have listened to a different full cast production before... please tune in soon for my review of Graceling.

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  1. I thought the audios for these were really good as well. I liked the different voices.

  2. I absolutely love the audiobook for The Goose Girl, but I got the audio cd of Enna Burning from my library last week and was so disappointed. I've listened to the audiobook of the first so many times that I was really surprised by the voice changes in the second book. And I hated Isi's voice. She went from a strongly voiced character to a very wispy voice IMO. Cynthia Bishop is a wonderful narrator though. I wonder why they replaced her for RIver Secrets.

  3. I've listened to these and really enjoyed them!


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