June is Audiobook Month!

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Did you know that June is audiobook month?! Really, it is. I didn't make this up! I lurve audiobooks. I'm lucky enough to have a job that allows me to listen to audiobooks while I'm working. That's a guaranteed 14 hours of audio-book listening a month! Hurrah! I would literally be in a madhouse right now if it weren't for audiobooks.

But what does audiobook month mean for you? It means TONS of audiobook reviews (I've been saving them up! I'll do at least three every week!), audiobook giveaways, and free audiobook downloads!

Give me the weekend to get things sorted all out. I'm still gathering everything I need to make JIAM awesome. And I promise, it will be awesome.

Who's excited?!

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  1. I'm going to be listening to audiobooks for ~37 hours/week for most of this summer. I'm thrilled.

  2. I love audio books too. I have so many of those Audible badges, I had no idea June was audiobook month.

  3. Yay audiobooks!! Thanks for spreading the awesome!

  4. We love audiobooks at our house! I love them while driving, exercising and doing stuff like folding laundry. My 13-year-old listens to them on the school bus ride and while he is doing chores and stuff and they are the only one my husband manages to fit any "reading" in. Can't wait for all the fun!

  5. Oh this is great! I also work at a library and can listen to aduiobooks, so hearing about the good ones would be awesome.


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