Introducing: Enna's Journey To Become Well Read

Many thanks to all of you who have helped me discover some great adult and nonfiction titles for my summer reading project. I had to think for a long while of whether or not I would review these books after I read them. I decided that reviewing is what I do, so I will review them. However, Squeaky Books is just for YA. That's why I'm proud to introduce:
Enna's Journey to Become Well Read
 This is my new blog JUST for adult fiction and nonfiction reviews. If you're interested in those types of books, I hope you will join me there! Squeaky Books will still be my main site (I will probably end up reading A LOT more YA than non-YA), but now I have somewhere to track my progress on my "journey."

And after all, there's no such thing as too many blogs, right?

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  1. You are too cute. I'm excited to check it out! I've been reading some adult titles for book club. It's different, but I've read some good ones. If you like regency type stuff, read Edenbrooke. LOVED! Seriously SO GOOD. And I have a hard time with some regency stuff. :)

  2. Too many blogs ? No such thing ! I will totally follow you over there . . . I've always wanted to do a blog similar to yours where I talk about adult and literary novels.


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