Utah Book Month Sign-ups!

It's almost time for Utah Book Month! What is UBM, you ask? Well, it's a celebration of all things Bookish and Utah of course! We celebrate Utah's authors, aspiring writers, and book bloggers! And YOU can participate! There are so many different things you can do. If you're an author you can be interviewed or do a guest post, bloggers can host minichallenges and giveaways, interview another blogger, design a new cover, and that's just the first few things I thought of! There's SO much you can do. Anything you can think of! But in order to participate, you have to sign up! That's where this post comes into play.

Some things you should know:

  • If you are a blogger you do NOT have to live in Utah to participate, however, preference will be given to Utah bloggers.
  • If you are an author, you MUST live in Utah to participate (or have a purty darn good argument for why you're a Utah author)
  • The faster you sign up, the more likely you'll get your first choice of activity to host
  • The hosts of the event will be coordinating author contact. So if you select "author interview" don't go running off and e-mailing authors. We've got that covered and we'll get you in touch with them.
  • You have until 11:59pm on the 21st to sign up! That's only two weeks!
  • THIS IS THE SAME FORM ON ALL THE HOST BLOGS! There are five of us hosting the event this year, and you only need to fill out this form ONCE.
  • You can ask me questions directly, or e-mail UtahBookBloggers@gmail.com 
  • If you want the latest updates, be sure to follow @UtahBooks on Twitter!

Now go forth and sign up! You'll be contacted with more details after the 21st!

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