I need adult and non-fiction recommendations!

First of all, sorry for the lack of posting. Spring term is kicking my trash! I'm just managing to keep my feet under me. I hope to get some posts scheduled soon, though.

Now on to the REAL purpose of this post!

The Short Story: I need good adult fiction and non-fiction recommendations

The Long Story: A few weeks ago I applied for a "promotion" at the library I work at. I wanted to move from a page (someone who reshelves books) to an assistant librarian (someone who either helps people check out, or helps people with recommendations/research projects, etc.). Unfortunately, I didn't get the job. HOWEVER, my boss informed me that the reason I didn't get it is because I didn't quite have the broad spectrum of reading tastes as they were looking for. This totally makes sense. I only read YA fiction/fantasy. She encouraged me to expand my horizons, and then apply again when there was an opening. I intend to take the challenge!

That's where you come in.

I'm an expert in all things YA, but a total novice in things adult and non-fiction. Help! Do you know a great adult fiction or non-fiction book I should read? Please fill out the form! I'm open to any and all suggestions so long as they fit my content standards (no unnecessary profanity or vivid sexual scenes).

Thank you! I'm really looking forward to reading the books you guys recommend! (After I have time to read again, that is! Yeesh. At least Spring term is only 6 weeks long.)

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  1. I gave you a whole bunch of them! :) If you have ?s, want more, or want more info abt one or some of the bks I recommended, just ask! You know how to find me! :D

  2. I don't know any adult, and I only know a few nonfiction ones. But I do know more historical fiction books if you're interested in them.

  3. You should post the list of recs so we can read them too! I'd really like to read some adult fiction as well as YA without having to worry about the content all the time.

  4. Just sent you a looong list of adult fic -- some of which we'll be featuring in our new series of posts, "Non-YA books for YA readers" -- as well as a few non-fiction titles. They're not in any particular order. Hope that helps!

  5. I agree with above, you should list your list in a post for us so we can see what others have suggested. Also, I may make my own post out of my suggestions, just in case I have other readers in your same boat. :) You'll let me know if you actually read one of them, right?

  6. I was already planning on posting a list and allowing people to vote for which I should read first. :) that'll be how I organize them.

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  8. Try:
    A-Tac Series by Dee Davis
    Men of the Isles series by Debbie Mazzuca
    any book from DeeAnne Gist

  9. I also have a list of adult books that I'd like to read if you want to look at them I can't say I recommend them seeing as I haven't read them yet but if you want to look into what I as a non smut adult reader thinks looks good as an adult book then let me know

    also what about the new category of "New adult" are you interested in looking into those? again I have one on my TBR list but can't recommend it since I haven't read it yet

  10. I submitted several, but I keep thinking of more! lol.


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