Covers of Awesome

There have been some GREAT cover releases in the world recently! In case you haven't seen some, here are my favorites.

Throne of Glass US & UK
 Now, to be totally honest I'm not a big fan of the US cover of this book. I certainly didn't know it was about an assassin looking at this. The model's hair is too perfect (the model is too perfect) and that dagger is oddly proportioned. But then the UK cover was released and OH MY GOSH I NEED THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW. Seriously people. That cover is AMAZING. One of the best I've seen. There's just so much greatness in it. The hair, the swords, the clothes, and she's barefoot! Gah! now there's an assassin. I want to be that for Halloween.

So... this is definitely better than the one I made. Yup. This is... beautiful. Just beautiful. Though... I will admit that the flowers looked less like wings, or they actually were wings. For some reason the wing-flowers are throwing me.

I love the warm colors in this. The first two books were very cool colors, which makes this book really stand out. I just got an ARC (thanks Wendy and Candlewick!) and I cannot wait to dive in! I love Katla!

I definitely prefer this cover to the first one. While the first one looked oddly sparse, this one is perfectly sparse. I love the added texture of the wall and the paint. Cannot wait to see where Day and June are taking me!

I saved the best for last. Holy. Freaking. Crap. Can I marry this cover? Please? PLEASE?! I love it. More than love it. I wasn't a huge fan of the cover of Smoke & Bone in fact, I was planning on buying the UK edition. Not anymore! I need a US set if they're going to be this pretty! HOLY CRAP.

Well? What do you think of these? Which is your favorite? Any you don't love? What would you change? What other covers are out there that you're ogling right now?

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  2. Those are beautiful covers ...I want all of them LOL

  3. HAHA, at first I read "Game of Thrones" :) These are lovely covers!

  4. Wow those are some great ones. I think Asunder and Prodigy are my faves.

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    Clean Adult Fiction

  5. I. LOVE. THESE. COVERS! I especially love Days of Blood and Starlight. I _really_ need to read the first one and feel horrible for not having read it yet!

    I haven't heard of Flock or the first two books preceding it, so I'll be sure to check them out. Thanks for the features! :-)

  6. Definitely prefer the UK version of Throne of Glass. And I can't quit staring at the one for Asunder.

    One of my favorites this week is Jay Kristoff's US cover for Stormdancer.

  7. I like the US cover of Throne of Glass better (because of the color, I think) The UK one just looks like...Well, it's a really pretty cover, but the face looks like it came from The Lorax (Read: CARTOON)

    And I definitely love the covers of Incarnate and Legend better than the sequel's.


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