Do you review self-pub or indie-pub?

I currently do not review self-published books or indie-published books, but that doesn't stop me from getting review requests from self/indie authors. I feel bad declining, and so I like to suggest other bloggers who might be interested. Unfortunately, I've noticed that my old list is woefully outdated, so I'm starting over.

If you review self-published or indie-published books and wouldn't mind me sending authors your way, please fill out this form! Anyone can sign up!

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  1. You are way better than me. I just give those who pitch me a link to how to advertise on my blog.

  2. Ha! If I advertised I'd probably do that too.

  3. Like Emily said, you are way better than I because I just ignore them. I don't respond to them. I'm worried that they won't take no for an answer.

  4. I ignore them like any other spammer. I share books I absolutely love on my blog, but I don't consider myself a book reviewer. If they read my blog, they'd know that.


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