Choose Amity, Win Insurgent!

Do you know what comes out in less than a month? I'll give you a hint, it rimes with Invurgent. That's right! Insurgent! But such a magificant book cannot come quietly into the world. Oh no. That's why we're celebrating Divergent Nation! What does that mean? Well, in a nutshell, 50 blogs were chosen to receive ARCs of Insurgent with each blog being assigned a faction (10 blogs to each faction). And their job is to promote their faction LIKE CRAZY. The faction that gets the most traffic to this link will win!

No, I didn't get an ARC, but that doesn't mean I can't still participate! What faction have I chosen?

You should join me in team amity! We're peaceful and happy all the time! We have fresh fruit, and cookies, and lots of love for everyone! And if you join Team Amity you'll be entered to win a pre-order of Insurgent!

How can you win? Well, the most important part of this whole shebang is visiting this link. (That's That's the link you want to spread around like crazy. But there's more you can do! To see specifics about what the "official" team Amity blogs are doing, you should check out Emily's post here. But for now, enter my giveaway and spread the peace of Amity!

This giveaway is open international. Winner will recieve a pre-order of Insurgent either from Amazon or TBD depending on whether you are US or international. The rafflecopter giveaway is below this button (which you should totally add to your blog).

Choose Amity
<center><a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="Choose Amity" src=" "/></a></center>

Psst! There are a bunch of entries that you can earn EVERY DAY. So be sure to come back each day to get all the entries you can!
Also, that +1 on telling me whether you are US or int'l is a lie. You won't get any entries for just doing that. But when I try to delete it rafflecopter gets mad at me.

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  1. I have a different coloured Team Amity twibbon on my twitpic. Does that count or do I need to change it to qualify?

    1. Any kind of Amity twibbon counts! I changed the colors when the official badge came out.

  2. Thank YOU so much for supporting Team Amity. You are AWESOME! ::hugs!::

  3. Wow, thank you for this amazing giveaway. I simply CANNOT wait to read "Insurgent" - thank you for this amazing giveaway opportunity! Go #TeamAmity :D


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