Bloggiesta Finish Line

How sad! Bloggiesta is over. I could easily take advantage of another day. But here's my wrap-up post:

I didn't get as much done as I want to because I've spent most of my time editing Emily's layout so both her sidebars are on one side. It's taken a lot of time, but it's also made me feel like an HTML/CSS genius!

Things I got done:
  • Wrote a new review policy
  • Wrote a new contest policy
  • Cleaned up labels (if it had less than 5 posts I merged it with another label)
  • Made drop down menus (I'm so ridiculously proud of these. I keep playing with them)
  • I sort of organized Google Reader, I added a folder for Utah bloggers
  • Clean up my sidebars (Got rid of the fish and moved the FTC disclaimer and the rating system to their own pages)
  • Update author interview page. Boy! I've interviewed quite the kaboodle.
Didn't get done:
  • Schedule outstanding reviews (but I only have two, so that's not too bad)
  • Learn what SEO is/means
  • Catalogue all books I own
  • Transcribe blogging panel
  • Create template for monthly newsletter
  • Make a list of 2012 books by month
The most important thing I want to do is those last three. I hope to have them done by the end of this week, before finals.
I'm a little disappointed by what I didn't get done, but like I said: I feel like an HTML/CSS genius. So it's worth it.
What do you guys think about what I've done? I especially want opinions on my new policies and drop-down menus.
Thanks for Bloggiesta-ing with me! Ole!

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  1. Love the drop-down menus! Those look super useful. Congrats on getting so much accomplished! You'll be able to come back to the list until you finish it - and that's a definite plus of making it 'public,' I think.

  2. The menus look great! And kudos to you for getting so much done. I wish I'd had time to participate (my blog could have used it!) but I just didn't have the time.

    BTW, if you have a smartphone, cataloging your books into Goodreads is super easy. You can just scan the barcodes.

  3. I love how the drop-down menus changes colors. It makes it way easy to navigate, and drop-downs are hard on blogger--so kudos to you. I also like the rounded corners.

    But I might get rid of the black border around it and make the individual list items bigger.

  4. Ooh, you the dropdown menus are so cool.

    My only critique? Make your sidebars the same length! I think you could more your "followers" and "pengins!!" widget over and it would be more aesthetically pleasing.

  5. Heather,

    Unfortunatly the drop downs don't look the same in every browser. Without the black border they look really strange in some versions of IE.


    I thought about that! I'm not sure how I'm gonna move things around yet, but I certainly will.

  6. I LOVE your drop-down menus. Makes it look more like a professional website. ;)

    I'm sure you'll accomplish all your other goals. Congrats on all you did this weekend. The Bloggiesta was fun!

  7. I have a Utah Bloggers folder in my Google Reader too!

    Congrats on all that you accomplished! That's so awesome! And you're drop-down folders do look great.

    Do you have a Facebook fan page?

  8. I may have to figure out drop down menus for next Bloggiesta... but it scares me to death!

    I hope to write up a little post about the blogger panels... so hopefully you'll have your transcription up soon (you plan to post it right?) and then I'll link up. Cool?

  9. Love the drop down menus! Very unique and cute!!!


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