April's New Release Giveaway, March Winner!

The winner of March's Upcoming Release Giveaway is...
Ariell! (Never Responded)
April X!
You won a copy of Grave Mercy! I have e-mailed you. You have 48 Hours to respond.

!!April's New Release Giveaway!!
The voting last month was close! Only one book squeaked a win by a hair. It's one I'm really excited to read, so I hop you're excited to win it!

Masque of the Red Death
by Bethany Griffin
Rules and Overview:
  • Giveaway runs 4/4-4/30
  • Winner e-mailed the first few days of May
  • Fill out the rafflecopter
  • Open international
  • Extra entry for voting on this month's upcoming releases

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Check back later today to see this month's featured upcoming releases! We got some good ones!

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  1. Love this cover! Thanks a lot for the giveaway!

  2. yay! I entered I love giveaways!

  3. Thank you for the giveaway!

  4. Did you send an email or just post it on here? I can't believe I missed it. :( I am so bummed.

  5. Oh dear! Perchance it went to your spam? I sent it on Monday, April 2nd at 12:40am to ariell.larson gmail. I didn't get any kind of notification that it bounced. All the e-mail said was "You won my giveaway for an ARC of Grave Mercy! You have 48 hours to send me your mailing address." I'm so sorry. I hate it when things like this happen. :P

  6. Ha! Oh, the irony. That comment was posted at 12:40am. Apparently I have a thing for that time.

  7. Thank you oh so much for making this an international giveaway! I love you now x

  8. Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway!
    -Riz B.


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