What I have done this week:

Please feel free to ignore this post. I feel a need to both kvetch and document this horrendously busy week

What I have done/has happened this week:
  • Written a paper on the cognitive development of adolescents
  • Analyzed A Streetcar Named Desire (blegh)
  • Made 3 different posters for costume design
  • Taken a mathematical task design test
  • Solved the area for any three-dimensional step-wedge
  • Graded about 30% of the papers I need to grade (I have over 100)
  • Designed the costumes for my favorite musical
  • Taken my brothers to school/piano/scouts every day
  • Fed said brothers
  • Fought off a cold
  • Watched A LOT of crime dramas (they're easy to watch while you're doing something else)
  • Had my iPhone finally kick the bucket (it was an iPhone original. A dinosaur, but I loved it)
  • Spend $50 I don't have on a loaner phone
  • Had to learn how to text using T9 again (#FirstWorldProblems)
  • Leftsideofmy spacebar doesn'twork anymore

What I still have to do tomorrow:
  • Continue to make sure my brothers stay alive
  • Go WATCH the show I costumed
  • Figure out how to get a new iPhone (I can't live this way!!)
  • Write a lesson plan on how to do character analysis
  • Write a MAP (mathematical analysis paper) on my proof of the 3-dimensional step-wedge
  • Finish this blog post
  • Make fliers for Writing for Charity
  • Choose a scene from Streetcar to over-analyze and blah
  • Figure out where I put my pants
  • Remember all the things I have left to do.

What I have not done (and feels like I will never have time to do again):
  • Read
  • Written
  • Blogged

The end.

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P.S. I've noticed that my happiness level DRASTICALLY decreases the longer I go without reading a novel. Am I the only one who feels that way?


  1. So sorry you have been so swamped! I also feel pretty depressed when I don't have reading time.

  2. Your week really is CRAZY! But you're tackling it with humor and verve..and probably too much CSI, Law and Order and Fringe, I'm sure. I just finished "Visit from the Goon Squad," and it feels GREAT to finally attack my to-read pile. It was PHENOMENAL, by the way, thank you. Hang in there, baby, the week is almost over.

  3. Sheesh! Crazy week. Hang in there. I hope you can read this weekend.

  4. Hope you make time to take care of yourself.

  5. ohhh I had to write a paper on the cognitive development of adolescents too! I sympathize, but I bet you knocked it out of the park.
    It was fun to read about a fellow blogger's "normal life"! Although that is a total bummer about your phone.


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