Bloggiesta To-Do Lst

Today is the first official day of Bloggiesta, which means it's time to post my to-do list! PLEASE link to your to-do list in the comments because I want to know if I'm missing anything! This weekend is going to be awesome-sauce!

Don't know what Bloggiesta is? Click here to learn more!

My Bloggiesta to-do list:
  • Write a review policy
  • Write a contest policy
  • Clean up my labels
  • Schedule outstanding reviews (including audiobooks)
  • Film and edit new IMM
  • Figure out how to make drop-down menus! (Any advice? I've tried and tried to do this before and I just can't figure it out!) DONE! What do you guys think? It's still a little buggy if you're using Internet Explorer. And if you're curious, I followed this tutorial with just a few personalizations.
  • Organize my Google Reader into categories
  • Clean up my sidebars and move stuff into new pages (did you know you can now have TWENTY pages?! I thought it was still ten!)
  • Learn what SEO is/means
  • Make my SEO the awesome-est out there
  • Catalogue all the books I own (optional: add them to goodreads)
  • Transcribe the blogging panel I was on and get it ready to be posted/a series of posts
  • Create a template for a new MONTHLY newsletter! Those of you who signed up (you can on the right sidebar) will actually start getting newsletters!
  • Make a list of 2012 books I'm interested in by publication month
  • Update author inteview page

So? What are YOU doing? Maybe I should be doing it too!

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  1. I like your list! Here's my list!
    Have fun!

    ~Debz @ Debz Bookshelf

  2. Oh thanks so much for posting the link to the tutorial for drop down links! It's on my to-do list too, but IRL obligations have kept me busy enough that I haven't been able to even look for a guide yet. Now I don't have to! I've bookmarked the page and I'll go do it later =)

    If you're interested here's my list:

  3. Holy List Batman!!!! Yo go!! Mine keeps getting bigger because I see things I need to do for everyone else's lists! AH!! Here's to getting our list done! *corks champagne*

  4. Wow, your list really is awesome! Good luck with all those goals!

    My list is much shorter than yours since I really only have today and some of Sunday to work on it. If you want, you can check it out here:

    And thanks for posting that drop-down list tutorial. That's a future goal of mine, so I'll def check it out. :)

  5. Your list *definitely* kicks my list's butt. :) If you do organize your google reader, will write about how you did it? Mine has turned scary/overwhelming lately. o.O

  6. Your dropdown menus look great! Excellent work! So many other things on your list to do, but definitely doable over the weekend. Good luck and thanks for joining in Bloggiesta!

    Stumped or need more to-do for Bloggiesta? Check out the New Mini-Challenges and the Past Mini-Challenges to find more!

  7. Wow! Good for you! I love your blog title/tagline. What a great quote. I'm writing that down for future use.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Good luck with your Bloggiesta goals! I hope you'll be able to accomplish everything in your list. I'm also participating this weekend. :)

  9. Did you see the mini-challenge for SEO? It's SO good. I've been doing SEO since I started my blog (because smart computer husband said to) and I learned a whole bunch. Wordpress has a SEO plugin that I fill out with every post. Does Blogger have an SEO plugin?

  10. Fun list! How's it going? Getting tons done?

  11. I'm happy you figured out the drop down menu! YAY!

  12. Love the drop-down menus! Drop-down menus are the bomb. I love how easy they are on Wordpress as long as your theme support it. I've hear they're a little more difficult on Blogger. Glad you figured it out, though! From what I'm seen the past few days, you're the blog layout queen! Good luck figuring out the sidebar problem with Emily's blog layout. I have no clue what to do whatsoever!

  13. i came here from twitter just to see your drop down menus :) They look great! I'm going to look into that link.

  14. You're doing a great job! I love the drop-down menus. :)


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