Writing for Charity 2012!

Calling all aspiring writers/book lovers! Do you want to go to an awesome event AND donate to charity? You're in luck! There's an AMAZING event called Writing for Charity that was started by Shannon Hale a few years ago. I went the first year, and I'm SO EXCITED to get to go this year!

Please take a minute to go to their website and look it over. If you don't want to go the full day (which includes a personal critique with an author!) then there's a half-day option with an awesome signing and break-out sessions.

Please come! I'll be there, and so will these authors: Brodi Ashton, Bree Despain, Dean Hale, Shannon Hale, Mette Ivie Harrison, Janette Rallison, Emily Wing Smith, Dan Wells, and MORE!

P.S. If you have some Utah readers and wouldn't mind spreading the word about this event, I'd really appreciate it. It's for such a wonderful cause.

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