Midterms over! What should I read?

Have you noticed how super-lame Squeaky Books has been lately? No reviews in two weeks! That's because it was midterms. Boo. But now they're over! I feel as free as a bird! And then I look at my review pile and go "oh carp."

I'm super-behind! But I don't know which to read first. So would you help me out by voting in this poll? Vote for as many as you want. (Psst. You can't see it if you're in Google Reader)

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  1. I don't care what the poll says.... you HAVE to read Dark Inside! lol.. seriously. Love that book! <3

  2. I didn't like breadcrumbs but I want to see what you think of it which is the only reason I voted for it

  3. I wanted to read Daughter of the Centaurs but just never got around to it. It sure sounded interesting.

  4. I know what you mean, I've been so busy with school I've hardly posted any reviews lately. So sad =( The only one on the poll I've read so far is The Pledge, which was a bit of a let down but still enjoyable. I can't wait to read Article 5. Well whatever you choose, happy reading!

  5. whatever you do, DONT read Tris and Izzie, it was HORRIBLE.


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