Hunger Games movie, anyone?

Do you live in Utah? Are you super-excited to see The Hunger Games? Would you like to see it at midnight with a bunch of people who are as excited as you? Then you're in luck!

The Book Bloggers of Utah are organizing a midnight showing of The Hunger Games for Thursday, March 22nd! We'll be at a theatre with reserve seating, so we'll all be able to sit together! You're welcome to bring friends too (I'll be bringing my mother. Together we're a pretty awesome party.).

If you are interested, please e-mail me or Penelope ASAP for more information! We need a final count before February 22nd (the day tickets go on sale).

Here's my e-mail:
Here's Penelope's:

What are you waiting for?! You know you want to come. It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see me sob like a baby.

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  1. aww I wish I could see a midnight premiere... but I don't live in Utah, and I have work the next day..

  2. How dare you torture me! You don't know how much I want to live in Utah! I guess I''ll have to make do with my own party, which will be small in comparison to something epic like this!


  3. Your mother sounds awesome. Looking forward to hanging out with her ...oh, and sobbing my eyes out. Go, team Peeta!


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