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All right, I know I said that I'd have March releases up today, but... I'm having trouble finding them. The only ones I can find that are really standing out to me are The Savage Grace, Grave Mercy, and A Temptation of Angels. Everything else seems kind of blah (too much romance or contemporary). What do you think?

What books are coming out in March that you think would be good for me to feature?
Keep in mind that I'm trying to avoid books that are contemporary, sequels (TSG is the exception), and more romance than fantasy/paranormal.


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  1. Wanderlove by Kristin Hubbard
    Goddess Interuptted by Aimee Carter
    A Breath of Eyre by Eve Marie Mont
    Spell Bound by Rachel Hawkins
    Pretty Crooked by Elisa Ludwig
    Slide by Jill Hathaway
    Katana by Cole Gibson
    Perception by Kim Harrington
    They don't me all of your expectations but there is almost nothing in March that meets all of those standards.
    Hope this helped!

  2. I just finished a post about the upcoming books I'm looking forward to for March. It will be posted on Monday on my blog, Pica Reads.

    It features:
    Grave Mercy, by R.L. La Fevers
    The Savage Grace, by Bree Despain
    Peaceweaver, by Rebecca Barnhouse
    A Breath of Eyre, by Eve Marie Mont
    and Goddess Interrupted, by Aimee Carter

    I agree with you that few books in March meet all of the guidelines for a featured book. But I'm sure you'll find something good!

  3. Well, besides the one's you've already mention there is:
    CROSS MY HEART by Sasha Gould-a historical fiction murder mystery
    PEACEWEAVER by Rebecca Barnhouse
    CROAK by Gina Damico- Grim reaper, paranormal
    DARK EYES by William Richter-thriller
    I've yet to read any of these, but these are the only other ones on my TBR that come out in march besides the one's you already wrote down. The last two books seem a little dark but they might be good. Hope I helped a bit :D

    Mackenzie @ Oh, For the Love of Books!

  4. Just realized "Starters" by Lissa Price (the book I thought I'd picked up at ABA but didn't) comes out in March as well.


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