2012: year of goals, reading, and breaking bubbles

Before I get to my 2012 goals, let's see how we did with my 2011 goals:

Reading Goals
Read 85 Books (One more than 2011)
Read over 30,000 pages
I will reach BOTH goals if all of my books have, on average, 353 pages
Textbooks do NOT count. This must be reading for pleasure
Didn't make this goal. Came close, though!
Blog Goals
Post regularly (Strive for 27 posts a month) and with GOOD material (No fluff posts to boost my post-count) With the exception of October, I think I did pretty good here.
Host at least 1 contest a month (including the occasional international contest) Again, with the exception of October, check!
Write reviews no later than 48 hours after finishing a book. Oh fail.
Have at least 12 author interviews (excluding special events) Double fail.
Have at least 12 guest posts (excluding special events) Triple fail.
Host [and participate] in a read-a-thon Double success! I did this twice!
2012 Goals:

Reading Goals:
  • Read 75 books OR Read 27,000 pages
  • Textbooks DO NOT COUNT!
  • Read EVERY night (No more late night TV!)
Blog Goals:
  • Learn different ways of following for when GFC becomes obsolete
  • Consider installing a new comment system
  • Create a more detailed review policy
  • Create a privacy policy
  • Create a contest policy
  • Post at least 2-3 times a week
  • Have all possible contests be open internationally (I found a friend willing to sponsor all my international giveaways! Thanks L*!)
  • Host another multi-blog massive giveaway (anyone interested?)
  • Host another read-a-thon
  • Write reviews within 1 week of reading the book (48 hours didn't do it for me last year, so maybe 1 week?)
Blogger Goals:
  • CLEAN OUT GOOGLE READER (does anyone know how to make blogs you follow go away without going to EVERY SINGLE blog? I keep clicking "Unsubscribe" and they keep coming back! They're like zombies!). I'm tired of following 5,000 blogs and never having time to read them.
  • COMMENT MORE. Comment on at least 3 blogs a week.
Personal Goals:
  • Write in journal at least once a week. I've always been terrible at this.
  • Go on a date. How sad am I that I have to have this as a goal? I have guys who are friends, but struggle with the whole formal dating thing.
  • Go to gym three times a month. I have a membership. Might as well use it.
  • Move into new apartment/condo. It's time for a change.
  • Consider doing private tutoring math over the summer/next fall. I've always wanted to do this, but always thought I haven't had the time. One of my jobs is closing this summer, so it's time for something new.
  • Go to sleep before midnight! I'm a natural night-owl, but staying up until 2-3 makes it so I fall asleep at the slightest provocation during the day. It's true. Ask anyone who knows me in real life.
I think that'll do for now!

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  1. Awesome goal Enna! I am sooo with you on the whole Google Reader thing. I've gone in an unsubscribed to like 100 blogs but they never go away! I hope you make all of your goals!

  2. I like these goals. I have some of the same ones. I've got to get my Reader under control too. But now you've got me worried about the unsubscribe thing. What's up with that?

    Good luck with all the changes you plan this year!

  3. You are too cute. I love all your goals, and I know you'll do awesome this year with keeping up on them. Thanks for all the amazing reviews you've done. I'm always reading them. ;)

  4. If I were you, I would just keep being friends with guys until there's one that strikes your fancy... Unless you really want to, you don't HAVE to make yourself date. Just a suggestion, so feel free to discard if it doesn't suit you...

    And I'm also pretty bummed about GFC. If you find out how to deal with Google Reader, please let me know... :)

  5. Because Google Connect is going - google threw the feeds of everyone you follow into the reader. So basically if you GFC someone you now also subscribe to their feed - the only way around that is to unsubscribe from following them and then unsubscribe from their feed.

  6. I was confused when my google reader did that too. The thing is, you can unsubscribe from a blog on google reader if you subscribed using your google reader. But if you followed a blog through GFC you won't be able to get rid of it by unsubscribing on your google reader page. I hope this makes sense.

    This is what you do. Go to your blogger homepage. Half way down the page it will say on the left "Reading List". On the far right from that it will say "View in Google Reader" to the right of that there is a square with a gear or something. Hover your mouse on it and it'll say "Manage Reading List". Click it and then you can edit your list by clicking each individual blog you want to unfollow. It takes a long time! I did it recently. Good luck!

  7. These are awesome goals, you can totally do them all. I need to go some dates too lol. That's definitely a goal of mine...or to have a Valentine...

  8. I would LOVE to find out how to get rid of blogs with just one click.....Why do they even have the unsuscribe button if it doesn't even work? I've been wondering this for like two years now....

  9. Great goals! I need to clean out my Google Reader too! I try to post Mon-Fri but I'm starting to think that might be too much since I'm going to school full time :\ oh how I wish there were more hours in a day (probably why I stay up til 3AM too. That has to stop as well)!

    Good luck!


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