Read-a-thon! Winter version

I think the name of this read-a-thon says it all. Have you reached your goal? Yeah, me neither. *glares at all you goal-finishers* But the year isn't over yet! We may have procrastinated, but there's still hope!

Even if you have met your goal, I hope you'll join us for the oh-my-word-the-year-is-over-and-I-haven't-reached-my-goal read-a-thon!

The read-a-thon will go from 12:01am MST on December 30th and go until 11:59pm MST on December 31st. I know that this falls right on new years eve, which might bother some of you, but I don't really celebrate that holiday. This'll probably be the only thing that keeps me up until midnight.
And this is a self-motivated read-a-thon. What does that mean? Well, in a nutshell it means I won't be giving away any books or prizes. You're participating just for the love of reading. This way there's no pressure to skip out on holiday festivities in order to participate.

There will be only 4 updates (instead of one every 2 hours. Geez. What was I thinking?). At 12 hours, 24 hours, 36 hours, and 48 hours. And I'll provide a Mr. Linky here for you to link up.

No mini challenges. I want you to focus on reading.
Maybe this'll become a tradition too. A read-a-thon in June, and one in December.

Well? Is anyone out there interested in participating? Or will I be read-a-thon-ing by myself? Sign up using the Mr. Linky if you're going to join in the fun. If you don't have a blog, feel free to sign up and just link back to my blog. :) Below Mr. Linky is where you can grab the read-a-thon button. If you do post it on your website, be sure to let me know in the comments so I can come look!

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  1. I don't really ever do anything for New Year's Eve except go outside at midnight to watch some fireworks, so I really like having a readathon to do.
    I am a few books behind in my goal so maybe this will help me reach the finish line just in time.
    Thanks for hosting :)

  2. Yay! Me! :) I will probably do something at night on New Years Eve, but the day of & the day before are open to READING!! :)

  3. Best of luck with your read-a-thon! I'm hoping to finish my current book and get two more read before that mirror ball drops.

    Happy holidays and best wishes for a new year filled with health, prosperity, and lots of good books to read!


  4. I joined in with a readalong over New Years last year and it was so much fun! I was waiting for someone to announce one for this year, thanks for hosting! I've already met my goal for 2011 but there's nothing wrong with sneaking a few more in there... :)

  5. I'm in! I have a stack as tall as my night table, and FINALLY some time to read, read, read. Who needs a Dick-Clark countdown when I could be finishing all my Christmas presents?

  6. I'm three or four books away from my 30 books goal, I don't know if I'll get four books read in four days, but I'd like to at least get two . . . maybe.

  7. Still catching up with my over-Christmas google reader reading, so I've only just spotted this. I'n pretty free this afternoon and the night of New Year's Eve, so I'll see what I can achieve.

  8. OMG I just found out about this 18 hours late. I gotta get on it!! :) Thanks for hosting!


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