OMWtYiO&IHRMG Read-a-thon Update #2

The read-a-thon has officially been going for 24 hours, which means it's UPDATE TIME! Link your updates below!

  • Total Books Read: 1
  • Total Pages Read: 474
  • Books Read Since Last Update: Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer
  • Pages Read since last update: 369
  • Total time read: 4.5
  • What I'm currently reading: 60 pages into Midnight In Austenland by Shannon Hale
  • How I'm currently feeling: After a day of work, designing a new blog layout, my dad's birthday party, and incessant stirring of chicken cacciatore sauce, It feels so wonderful to be lost in a Shannon Hale novel again. However, I am getting a little sleepy. I think I shall retire to my bed soon. But I do so love meeting up with Mrs. Wattlesbrook, Miss Charming, and Col. Andrews again.

Link to your updates here!

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  1. You and your ARC-getting skills...

  2. They're all from Debbie/Nerd Goddess/Celes. She's my super-awesome, arc-lending friend.

  3. My Update

    You got more reading done then I did, and I had the library, my brother's birthday, and movie watching. I'll probably be up late tonight. ;) (and when I say probably, I mean I will)

  4. You are so lucky to be reading Shannon Hale right now. But have Smoke and Bone next on my list, so I can't complain... much. :D

  5. Not much reading from me this time- I think this may be a not-many-books readathom on my part unfortunatly

  6. My Update

    I forgot to share once I posted last night. Now back to the track!


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