OMWtYiO&IHRMG Read-a-thon Update #1

Tee hee. The read-a-thon looks really funny when you turn it into a string of letters. Anyway. Update time! My updates will be in the following format, but yours can look however you'd like!

  • Total Books Read: 0
  • Total Pages Read: 105
  • Books Read Since Last Update: 0
  • Pages Read since last update: 105
  • Total time read: 1.5 hours
  • What I'm currently reading: Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer
  • How I'm currently feeling: I hit a small stumbling block in that I have to work for 4 hours today. But in two more hours I'll be free to read like crazy! I'm really liking Bloodrose but I've forgotten who a lot of the characters are. There are a TON of characters in this series.

Link to your updates here!

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  1. I'm just sticking our updates into the bottom of our post so won't bother to link up. I hope you get to escape work soon and start reading! :D

  2. Feel free to link to the same post every time, if you'd like!

  3. For some reason it took me 5 hours after I posted my update to link it up over here! Anyway, I FINISHED book #1; now I can move on to something more exciting!


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