OMWtYiO&IHRMG Read-a-thon Final Report

Stop your eyeballs! The read-a-thon is over! Did you meet your goal? Exceed it? I didn't. But that's okay! I had fun! Link to your final reports below! Many of you have already welcomed in the new year, but I'm about to in ONE MINUTE! So exciting! Here's wishing you many happy books in 2012!

  • Total Books Read: 2
  • Total Pages Read: 702
  • Books Read Since Last Update: Midnight in Austenland by Shannon Hale
  • Pages Read since last update: 228
  • Total time read: 8.5
  • How I'm currently feeling: Wow. Read-a-thon FAIL! Only two books? I usually average 100 pages per hours, so 700 in 8.5 hours is NO BUENO! It toom me a lot longer to read MiA than I thought. Well, didn't come anywhere near reaching my goal, but I'm still glad the read-a-thon happened!
Link to your updates here!

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  1. Haha, I love your phrase "stop your eyeballs." I'm totally going to use that sometime.

    How are you liking Midnight in Austenland? I read Austenland awhile back and thought it was quite fun. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around seeing Keri Russell as the MC in the movie.

  2. Well... You did better than I did. I didn't even manage to finish the (super short) book I'm 'currently reading'. I just... couldn't bring myself to pick up a book. :( Le sigh.

    Hopefully, the changes I'm going to try & make to my reading in 2012 will help get me out of this awful reading slump!

  3. This readathon was so much fun! Thanks, Ennalee!

    Also, I'd love to know what you think of MiA. I'm always excited to get my hands on the newest Shannon book.

  4. Thanks for hosting this read-a-thon. I really needed it to give me the final boost so I could finish my goal.


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