Karou's fighting again!

Hey y'all! So today's Karou's second match! The good news? She's clearly the better heroine (in my mind at least). The bad news? She's up against Izzy Lightwood. Yeah. From The Mortal Instruments. Cassie Clare has about 50,000 twitter followers and what she says usually happens (especially if she bribes her fans).

Do you think we can stop this tournament from ending up being all Cassie Clare characters? I think so. Unfortunately, with all my contests lately and Christmas I am FLAT BROKE. So I am unable to bribe you. Also, I'm gonna be gone almost ALL DAY today! AERGH!!! What terrible timing!

What does that mean? It's up to YOU! Tweet #TeamKarou, tell your friends and family to vote! Let's see if we can win (or at least give Izzy a run for her money!).

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P.S. I've got nothing against Cassie Clare. I own all her books. But I'm also purty competitive, and like Daughter of Smoke and Bone more than TMI or the Clockwork books. So... yeah. No offense meant, Cassie-Clare fans! I'm one of her 50,000 followers! If Izzy beats Karou, you know I'm gonna make SURE Izzy wins the whole shebang. If Karou's going to lose, it's gonna be to the winner of the tournament.


  1. I'm going to vote for Karou just because I just don't like Clary and Jace at all LOL

  2. OH NO! Karou is way behind!! We'll do our best to get out the word, but apparently Cassandra Clare is offering to write a scene if Izzy wins??


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