Hanging by a thread

The semester is over, and for the next 8 days I will be in the throes of finals. My life already looks like this:

especially my psyche. Imagine that rope is braided out of my nerves. I'm in a dark, dark place right now. (Do you know how TERRIBLE finals is for a math major? I know they're bad for everyone. But SERIOUSLY, people!)

As such, I've just decided to put Squeaky Books on pause until the 16th. PLEASE REMEMBER TO NOMINATE YOUR FAVORITE BOOKS! The running is SO CLOSE that I can't call it. PLEASE HELP!

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  1. Eep! Good luck and hang in there. Soon it'll be the holidays! :)

  2. Hugs & *Good Luck* with those math finals!! Math's a toughie [especially Trig & Calc] :O

  3. Best of luck with finals!!!! Just remember, once they're done, you get WEEKS off!

    Deep breaths, and don't sleep deprive yourself because that will definitely mess up your concentration.

    Wishing you luck!!!!



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