What are YOUR favorite 2011 YA releases?

It's that time of year again! At the end of this year I'll post my favorite books that I reviewed in 2011. But before then, I want to hear from YOU!

That's right. PLEASE let me know your top 5 books that were released in 2011! If they haven't been released yet (but will still be released in 2011), you're welcome to list them as well. If you can't think of 5, you can list as few as 1, but you can't list more than five. Sorry!

I'm hoping to compile a list, and then use the most nominated titles for some Holiday-giveaway fun times!

Also, to one lucky nominator I'll give away a random prize pack of books and swag! You must be in the US to win the prize pack, but international peeps are more than welcome to list they're their (EDIT 12-16-11: woah! That typo was there for over a MONTH?! You've gotta tell me about these things peeps! there their they're is one of my pet peeves! *ashamed*) favorite 2011 US releases (The Holiday giveaway WILL be open internationally, just not this one). Prize pack will have 2-3 books/ARCs and some swag (including book-themed t-shirts and these really cool... well... you'll find out if you win).

Sound good? These nominations will be open until December 16th and I'll put the list together that weekend, and get the BIG holiday giveaway started on the 19th! That'll be after finals, and I should have my brain together.

Fill out the form below, or click here! Be sure your nominations have been/will be released in 2011! So Everneath by Brodi Ashton (which comes out 1-24-12) doesn't count. And don't just list books you want to own, list your FAVORITES. Remember that 2011 started 11 months ago. People have  a tendency to list only books released in the last 2-3 months.

Curious in seeing the list that Squeakers (that's you!) made last year? CLICK HERE to see it!

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  1. Oh my gosh there are so many! D: There isn't room for them all! lol

  2. It's so hard to pick only five books! :(

  3. I chose five :) It was so hard! I know you said not to choose most recent ones, but I had too! :) Well, I'm really excited for the giveaways. Thanks!

  4. Holy hannah, this was hard! Though, it seems I wasn't the only one having troubles deciding. lol Thanks!


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