Why I've been missing: a real-live zombie story!

Hey y'all! So I hate doing these posts, 'cause y'all probably didn't even notice I was missing for a week+. But just wanted to tell you I'm back. Where was I? Well, ALL of my classes decided to have tests last week; and since I'm a math major this was no small feat. As an added bonus I started feeling sick on Thursday and it has turned into a full-blown death-fest! Aches, brain-fog, dripping face, tasted for human flesh, etc. I thought I was getting better yesterday, but today I have developed a cough. Hurrah.

Luckily I have me some pretty sweet cough syrup that my local pharmacy MIXES ITSELF so you know it's some serious biz up in here. Now I'm a zombie on DRUGS!

Today I'm packaging up all of the birthday bash books (and Supernaturally, sorry Margay!) and sending them off. Tomorrow I'll start reviewing again (I am up to my EYEBALLS in review-books that I actually WANT to read! Why couldn't this have happened in the summer?); and I think my eyes have stopped watering enough for me to start reading again (which is good because Sweet Venom is AWESOME so far, peeps.)

But as for right now, I'm hungry. I think I've got some leftover brains casserole in the fridge.

Peace out!

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  1. I was wondering where you were at. After the posts for the birthday bash, my Google Reader felt quite empty.

  2. Enna, I recently started a book club at my high school and the first book we read was Forest of Hands and Teeth! I liked even though I kinda wanted to smack Mary for about 95% of the book. I'm going to start Dead-Tossed Waves (after I finish Swan Kingdom--another one I love and heard about from you :D) and I'm super excited!

    Feel better girl! And good luck on any tests you have left!

  3. Glad you're feeling better, but so jealous that you have Sweet Venom!


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