May I draw your eye... the donation button on the edge of your screen?

I haven't really pushed the fact that there is a donation button, because all of my contest hosts have already been so generous in donating their books. However, I am now faced with this daunting pile of books that will have to be mailed out next week; and I would really appreciate some help in managing the shipping costs. Even as little as $1 will help.

PLEASE do not feel obligated in any way. I don't run Squeaky Books for any kind of profit. I knew when the bash began that there would be lots of books to mail out. It's not like What have I done?!" (Okay... maybe I'm saying that a litte). I'm not going to offer you entries into a contest for donating, because I don't want to make you feel like you have to. You don't! I'm only putting up the donation button BECAUSE it is totally optional. It makes me very uncomfortable to think that some people might assume I'm trying to make money. Perish the thought!

Okay. Now that I've both asked for your money and told you that I don't want you to think I WANT it, I have hopefully confused you into pushing the button. But if not, here it is again for your leisure:

And thank you Jacinda for your donation!

I'm so sad that the bash is nearly over, but I'm REALLY excited to announce the winners! I've already picked out the song for the vlog where I will reveal who won what. Tomorrow I'll make a post to remind you what's up for grabs! Until then, happy reading!

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