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Now this interview comes with a funny story. I asked Lauren via e-mail if she was willing to do an interview and she responded with "Sorry, but I don't have time." At first I was really sad, but then I got thinking. I follow Lauren on Twitter, and she's always answering questions via her Formspring account. So I got really tricky. Instead of E-MAILING her my questions, I sent them to her through Formspring and everthing worked out! So I don't think she even knows I interviewed her, but I ended up with an interview. Awesome, eh? Check it out!

Connect With Lauren

If you were to describe your writing process in three words, what would they be?

Really freaking random.

What's the strangest thing anyone has said to you after reading WITHER?

"this is so good I want to slap you" - my agent.

Your editor returns your manuscript and informs you that one of your characters in wither needs to be a paranormal creature in disguise. Who do you choose, and what creature do they become?

I choose a different editor.

What was your favorite birthday present you have ever received?

My cat.

What kind of car do you drive? What kind of car do you wish you drove?

I drive a silver buick with a shark fin antenna, and it's my dream car.

I was even able to do her mad-lib via Formspring! Here are the results.
I try drunk dialing this golem to Gabriel, and even though I think I’m doing a poor job of imitating the pulling motion of the banana split and my pathetic attempts to yodel in the mallet, he’s paying close attention. When I imitate the moo of the platform shoes hitting the water, he even slaps, and I slap too, quietly, in the darkness of my Hanna Moskowitz.
*mad-lib idea was inspired by Alysa at Everead!

Tee hee. So that's that! It's a simpler interview, but it served its purpose.


Not surprisingly this giveaway is for a hardcover copy of Wither! It's hosted by Amber of the Musings of aLmYbNeNr! You've got to head over to her tumblr to enter.

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  1. Sneaky, sneaky!

    I hope a lot of you will head over to my blog for your chance to win!

    The Musings of ALMYBNENR

  2. That totally cracks me up. Clever idea Enna!

  3. I've been wanting to read this book! It sounds awesome :) "This is so good I want to slap you"... that is hilarious! THe mad lib was the best so far, I think.

  4. Ha! I love the three word writing process. I feel like that's me too! And I also love my cat, though she wasn't a birthday present.


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